Personal Brand – Elevator Pitch

“I am quick learner, who strives to bring the best out of others. I work well with other people, and love to take initiative. I will work with you, and strive to achieve your fitness goals to get you to where you want to be. I have an exceptional background in the fitness field, with taking courses such as Anatomy, and Nutrition; in addition also a fitness instructor with Canfitpro. I look forward to learning more about your goals in the near future.”


In creating my personal brand statement, I still was not 100% as to where to start after reading this weeks module. I find this helpful link which gave me a good starting point at least. I wanted to create a personal brand statement that was related to my fitness aspect of my life, that I could pitch while in a gym setting. Therefore, without going into my past experiences, much like a resume would, I kept it brief and how I could help the individual. I feel that this will interest the individual and catch their attention more, opposed to me boring them with my life story. 

To begin, I stated some of my personal characteristic traits, I then went on to say how I really cared about the individual and I was there for them. I then briefly mentioned some of my background, the courses I have previously taken so the individual I am talking to knows that I am qualified. Lastly, I finished off my pitch with wanting to keep in contact with them, therefore the next move is now in their “court”. 



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