Who is Tracking You?

Who is Tracking You?

Before reading this weeks module, I had no idea how much, who, and when people were following my every click on the Internet. I search various things daily, ranging in all sorts of material and have never really stopped to think about the fact that people are following my every move. However, through this collusion graph, I have come to the conclusion that not only one person, but MANY people are following my every click. When I click on the various circles to find out whom these people are I am shocked by the fact I have no idea who half the websites are. I believe that this weeks module was not only beneficial to myself, but I think this is something that should be more widely shared with every internet user. I find it amazing that things such as cyber bullying can spread through the Internet so rapidly, but things such as how to stay safe on the Internet seems to get “missed”, and not travel nearly as fast. Therefore, this weeks module, and especially this assignment has been a real eye-opener to really think twice, and click once. Moreover, we should really consider what sites we are visiting before searching, and ensuring that we are using do not track in order to help prevent some people from following us.


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