Exam Review for Module 10 – What is Web Analytics

            When a company sets up a website, they can then gain information on how many visitors clicked on their website, how long they were there for, and what path they accessed their site through.  This information can be very vital to a company not only to understand their consumer’s needs and wants but also how to improve their web strategy. This process of collecting and analyzing the data and thus understand what it all means, is referred to as web analytics.  Depending on your businesses size there can be different beneficial ways/strategies to gain the most from your analysis. These include, the clickstream, outcomes, testing, voice of the customer and competitive intelligence. The data then collected can be beneficial as it may allow for better marketing of the website, a higher rate of return and improve their website overall. Web analytic software can be either free, however, the information provided can be difficult to interpret yourself; or they can be paid where a company would outsource their analytics. Before outsourcing, there are a couple of key questions that should be asked. For example, what makes your tools different than the ones offered for free? Are you 100% Application service provider? What options are available for exporting the data to our companies system? And, what data capture mechanisms do you use? Overall result of web analytics is that it allows you to see where you are today, and then see what changes can be made to help in the companies growth. 


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