Techniques for an Effective Search – Google Syntax

1) – What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s middle name?

Answer: Wilhelm
Google Syntax: Leonardo DiCaprio name


2) – You need a picture of a grinning cat for your company’s website. Find a suitable picture that is free for you to use for commercial purposes and tell me how you did it.

Answer: Grinning Cat
Google Syntax (in google images): free grinning cat

3) – Name three musical acts that Canadian director David Lynch likes best?

Answer:  Duran Duran, Lissie, Au Revoir Simone
Google Syntax: David Lynch favourite musical act

4) – I heard that the man who designed the Eiffel Tower also built a train track crossing a major river in Chile. Is that true?

Answer: Not Proven true
Google Syntax: Eiffel Tower designer Chile

5) – What famous museum will you find at 62 Rue de Lille, Paris, France?

Answer: Musee d’Orsay
Google Syntax: 62 Rue de Lille, Paris

6) – Who had a recurring role as a handyman on the show that featured a character named Joanna Marie Polniaczek?  This really requires two searches – please provide the proper syntax for both. 

Answer 1: The Facts of Life
Google Syntax 1: Joanna Marie Polniaczek Character

Answer 2: George Clooney
Google Syntax 2: Recurring handyman facts of life

7) – Political correctness is tyranny with manners. Who made that statement and when?

Answer: Charlton Heston, speech at the Harvard Law School (1999)
Google Syntax: “Political correctness is tyranny with manners”

8) – If you were undecided between the destinations Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for a weekend getaway how might you search in Google to resolve your dilemma?

Google Syntax: Compare Nova Scotia and New Brunswick tourism

9) – You’ve heard amazing reviews about a chef named Jamie. All you can remember to find out more is that it wasn’t Jamie Oliver. Name a probable candidate and tell me how you found him.

Answer: Chef Jamie Gwen
Google Syntax: Chef Jamie -Oliver

10) – You want to find out whether a ‘Main Royal’ or a ‘Jigger’ is the higher placed sail on a sail boat. What is the correct answer and how did you do it?

Answer: Main Royal
Google Syntax: Highest sail “Main Royal” or “Jigger” 


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